At the intersection of art and the humanities, extrapole initiates and accompanies processes of artistic and cultural production on the local, European and international level.

Over time, by a prospective approach and research-action, extrapole has developed a growing network, a transnational work community constructed by cooperation..


Our will is to act at the very heart of the renewal of cultural practices and contexts of artistic creation, and to propose singular working methods in order to observe, study and produce sensitive, open and complex representations of practices and their challenges.

At this time of impending unprecedented democratic crisis, our attention focuses on initiatives that place importance on the modes of the cultural, social and political interactions that they can generate.

Our ambition is speculative; we believe that it is through collective experimentation, with actors from a plurality of disciplinary fields and professional contexts, that we will be able to better formulate the problematics at the heart of practices in order to better unfold them.

By a situated approach and varied viewpoints, it becomes possible to apprehend new arrangements, to imagine then fashion the conditions of their existence.






Rekjavik CC Eric Ficher