First Semester 2020 :


Continuation of the commission made by extrapole to three students of the Master program experimentation  in political arts (Speap) proposed by the Political Institute of Paris; Based on an observation of the the School of Acts, its bodies and the actions carried out by the members and participants, establish a cartography of the possible; More info

April 3rd and 4th : 2 shows of Sinspiele choreographed by Maguy Marin will be performed in Barcelona, in the frame of Constel·lació, carte blanche given to Lia Rodrigues by the Mercat de les flors,


From 6th to 12th of April : Cross-viewing through cross-cultural and trans-practical experience; Study trip and discovery of the cultural and artistic scene of Belgrade. This workshop laboratory was initiated by the PCAI Master programme of  Paris 8 University and is organised in collaboration with the Ma in Cultural Policiy and Management of Belgrade Arts University.