Practicing Democracy 

Practicing Democracy is about pooling together resources and skills from different fields, connecting research with professional communities and civil society practices, in order to explore European democratic societies we live in.


This lab aims to develop practice research to challenge the notion of democracy and its form of appropriation in our contemporary societies. 

Three activities have been shaped within this lab as an attempt to study and reveal more of European societies we live in ;

1. “Exploring democracy" (Field research)

2. “Creating democracy” (Practice based research)

3. “Co-constructing democracy’ (a foresight research on modes of cooperation)

They all engage ‘‘open innovation’’ processes and focus on new forms of collaboration and contribution approaches to produce and confront narratives as well as diverse operating modes through a common frame of reference and a spirit of risk which needs to be fostered.

The project has been designed by extrapole team composed of Agnès Henry, Danae Theodoridou and Chiara Organtini, in collaboration with the european partners : 

Conexiones Improbables (SP) - L'institut Français (FR) - Lokomotiva (MT) - Myaamala2 (FI) - Université Paris 8, la fabrique des sociologie (FR) - Science Po Paris (FR) - Duncan Center (GR) - WRO art center (PL) - Théâtre de la Commune (FR) - Le 110 Centre socioculturel coopératif (FR) 

#1 Exploring democracy 

>> Field research focus on initiatives in different europeans locations which implement insightful, relevant actions related to the practice of democracy within their particular socio-political context

#2 Creating democracy 

>> A practice-led participatory research - a collective enquiry conducted in the form of a hands-on research on the practice of democracy, which brings together the artistic studio and the public space, co-conducted by researchers, artists, theorists and local collaborators.

#3 Co-constucting democracy

>>A prospective research on how alternative democratic practices could contribute to draw new panoramas and local schemes for European communities. Uprising of creative and innovative actions based on new forms of collaboration and shared leadership seems to be a source of transformation within societies.