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“If we are not inclined to align ourselves with currently dominant cultural conditions characterized by reduction of culture to an identity, the impossibility for many, other than the elite, of establishing themselves as subjects of culture, of established cultural sharing that functions via exclusion, it is important to set up obstacles before them by refuting resignation. Long before the cultural practices of anti-colonial resistance [...], such actions had already taken place. They manifested themselves by the development of transgression, diversion, humor or idling against this suffocating culture (cultivated culture), against those that fabricated themselves an impregnable life behind a self-centered identity, insensitive to variation and change. "


Ruby Christian, Abécédaire des arts et de la culture, Toulouse, éd. de l’attribut, 2015, p. 180-181.


​"That no situation ever be closed, sutured to its laws to the point of not being able to grow beyond itself, such is the conviction that nourishes all resistance. That status quo be not a reign to inevitably bow to, that no horizon atrophy the raising of alternative horizons, this is its wager. "


Bergen Véronique, Résistances philosophiques, Paris, PUF, coll. Travaux Pratiques, 2009, p. 9.

Cultural resistance :

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