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extrapole today projects itself as a space of mutualized research and development. At the service of enriching artistic practices, focusing on the modes of social and political interactions that they produce, we initiate transdisciplinary experiments and research-actions.

These experiences are an opportunity to create conditions for experimentation with a network of national, European and international partners and to consider continuity and sustainability of action, even if it implicates transformation. Research-action unfolds in the frameworks of studies, surveys, discussions, or calls to participation and offers sensible/sensitive modes of restitution/feedback.

Our laboratory is open to all types of actor.trice.s interested in cultural and artistic dimensions. We seek to set up horizontal collaborations based on co-construction and elaboration over time. Our approach invites to assemble, document, preserve and renew the greatest possible diversity of views on artistic and cultural practices while bringing about new modes of implementation.

Practicing Democracy (2019-2022)


Practicing Democracy is the first part of a project driven by extrapole, an itinerant research-action centering on the fabrications of democracy in Europe.


The project sets the framework of a multilateral action and combines three fields of intervention::

  •  observation of initiatives stimulating democratic exercise and modes of appropriation;

  • invention of collaborative and contributory strategies through the artistic workshop;

  • speculation on the modes of co-construction of spaces of direct democracies.

Exploratory study for a shared space of research & development - art & society (2017-2019)

Initiated in 2017, this prefiguring study was completed in the first quarter of 2019.


This part of the "art and society" study reached to observe the renewal of the contexts of artistic creation in France and in certain European countries.


This research-action focused on the transformation of production ecosystems and the renewal of the actor.trice.s’ work objects. We equally focused on the emergence of new modes of organization and intervention defended by certain operators working in several disciplinary fields.


This study was supported by the Fsir (Support Fund for Innovation and Research of the Île-de-France cultural agency, Arcadi), and the Creative Europe program.


N.O.W – New Open Working process for the performing arts (2014-2017)


N.O.W is a European cooperation project, initiated and supervised by extrapole from 2014 to 2017. Eight partners-initiated research in an experimental situation regarding their artistic support and mediation practices.


N.O.W articulated around::

  - 4 thematic laboratories;

  - 16 itinerant work sessions;

  - 13 European and international partners.

This project allowed the partners to engage in peer-to-peer collaborations and to provide critical feedback on their production practices in the performing arts.


N.O.W relied on a research-action method aimed at assembling and relaying diverse knowledge and know-how.

Saloon(s) - (2015-2017)

Initiated in Paris, then exported to Japan and Korea, this cycle of meetings aimed at stimulating a dynamic of cross-sectoral exchanges, connecting various actor.trice.s around common interrogations.

In an informal but well-defined framework, this method was designed to facilitate meeting and dialogue between persons from distinct socio-professional and / or cultural environments, often unknown to each other.

It enabled exchange and sharing of experiences between participants while offering collective feedback for outsiders interested in the thematics.

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