research -action 


Research-actions take place via experimentations and collective works, by way of studies, observations, the development of diagnostic methodologies, via consultation, calls for participation, etc.

This engages a circulation and a networking of knowledge, the building of proficiencies towards an optimized rendering of practices..


Our approach to this enterprise is methodological because it aims at the co-production of contents and at a hierarchical and relational transformation of the work context; It makes obligatory the fabrication of ever-better-stocked toolboxes that nourish sharing and returns on experience, time given to observation, analyses and transfer of skills in order to better question our knowledge and know-how..


We conduct these cooperative processes and co-constructions with partners from our national, European and international network, who come from cultural and artistic fields, but also from fields of research (mainly social sciences, arts and architecture...), and from other professional sectors where are found publics sharing parallel interests..


Our interrogations are primarily focused on the mechanisms that generate sense, as in the challenge of opening stagnant processes (building trans-disciplinary and trans-sectorial networks in cultural and professional practices), and in the necessary "decolonization" of actions, restitutions and representations (mechanisms of domination, be they racial, class, gender, norms... etc).

We have thus chosen to conceive and initiate frameworks permitting::

  • Elaboration of prospective observation and accompaniment, based on the qualitative assessment of chosen cultural and artistic practices, notably by application of cultural rights

  • Conception of inter- and trans-cultural cooperation methods (experimentation and research-action) aimed at building proficiencies and a greater fluidity in the circulation between "scholarly" and vernacular knowledge.

  • Engendering spaces for reflection, debate, development and expression of thought (in all forms of publication), built on mobilization, contribution, commitment, the sharing of experiences, and the transformative power of art.

Naples-cc Eric Ficher