With the support of Arcadi (fund supporting innovation and research), extrapole initiated 'Saloons', a cycle of meetings with variable geometry, allowing the creation of a dynamic in Paris and its environs around the European project N.O.W (New Open Working Processes for the performing arts).


From certain themes addressed in N.O.W, we organized a series of meetings in order to create a space of dialogue based on the sharing of experiences and a resonating of practices, in a prospective objective.


Each saloon brought together a dozen professionals in a work group composed with regards the chosen theme..


For extrapole, this initiative responded to the following objectives:

• experimenting a procedure for the sharing of practices, with exchange methods enabled by the framework and the limited number of participants


• articulating the European dimension of our projects with our local and territorial ones, and consolidating a local network around the themes of our research-action projects


• sharing the issues identified in the framework of the N.O.W project, putting forth the interrogations and concrete paths envisaged by the European partners and the reflections that we could collectively produce.


For the invited participants, these meetings were the opportunity to:

• meet in an informal and independent environment with others confronting the same issues but not necessarily operating in the same environment (sector, discipline, mission, etc.)


• exchange, confront, obtain feedback on their practices and put them into perspective


• adhere to a prospective process.



(downloads) :

> Saloon Paris # 1 – 27/06/2015 – Artistic commission 

> Saloon Paris # 2 – 22/12/2015 – Artistic practice & digital mediation 

> Saloon Paris # 3 – 05/07 2016 - The arts  arts and  création in the transformation ?

> Saloon Tokyo #1 - 23/01/2017 - Challenge the method (Saloon Tokyo #1 website)

Avec l'aide d'Arcadi Île-de-France / Fonds de soutien à l'initiative et à la recherche


Avec le soutien l'Union européenne dans le cadre du programme Creative Europe